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Technology version stock short name: Huafei sewing stock code: 700029
Mengcheng Huafei equipment manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Mengcheng Huafei equipment manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Excellent staff: Li Xiaofan Excellent group: Sales Department Major contribution group or individual: Fan Manager Employing the concept: professional first Talent strategy: more sages Promotion mechanism: excellent            

Assistant to the general manager

1, 28-35 years old, limited to women, good image quality, corporate management, business management, marketing and other related majors, college or above.

2. More than 5 years working experience as an assistant to the general manager of an electronics company, with prior experience in computer connector companies.

3, the work is meticulous, careful and careful, strong sense of responsibility, work passion, good teamwork spirit, honest and reliable, good character.

4. Work is rational and logical, with good professionalism and professional ethics, strong planning and implementation ability and appeal.

5, familiar with common office software (word, excel, ppt, etc.), with a certain writing skills.

6. Ability to solve complex problems, independent work ability, work promotion ability, strong planning and execution, and good at learning.

7, can quickly grasp the various knowledge related to the company and the company's business.

8. The knowledge structure is comprehensive, with certain management experience, and can provide reasonable opinions to the company in a timely manner.

9, understand the statistics, PPT production skilled.

product engineer

1, very skilled application pro / e, Auto CAD and other 2 / 3D drawing software for product design;

2, has more than three years of connector factory work experience, at least two years of connector design experience, can independently design and develop connectors;

3. Strong cost awareness and continuous improvement of products and processes, and success stories are preferred;

4. Require a better description of job responsibility.

Reserve cadre

1. College graduates or above graduates

2, computer proficiency, science majors preferred

3, obey management, hardworking and practical, strong adaptability, strong communication and coordination.